Six easy pieces / Nederlandse editie

This classic book is an essential introduction to the world of physics by one of its greatest teachers and icons.
Richard Feynman inspired people around the world with his scientific brilliance, endless curiosity about the world and unorthodox outlook on life. Here he guides the reader through the very basics of physics, including atoms, energy, force, the relation of physics to other sciences, the theory of gravitation and quantum behaviour. Presenting complex ideas in simplified, understandable terms and using illustrations such as shooting bullets, waves on a seashore and even Dennis the Menace's building blocks, Six Easy Pieces gets to the heart of how the world works.

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Six easy pieces / Nederlandse editie

Authors: Richard Feynman, H. Sturman

ISBN: 9046800075

ISBN 13: 9789046800072

Publication Date: November 03, 2005

Publisher: Nieuw Amsterdam

Pages: 208

Format: Paperback

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