The New One-Page Project Manager: Communicate and Manage Any Project with a Single Sheet of Paper

How to manage any project on just one piece of paper The New One-Page Project Manager demonstrates how to efficiently and effectively communicate essential elements of a project's status. The hands of a pocket watch reveal the time of day without following every spring, cog, and movement behind the face. Similarly, an OPPM template reduces any project--no matter how large or complicated--to a simple one-page document, perfect for communicating to upper management and other project stakeholders. Now in its Second Edition, this practical guide, currently saving time and effort in thousands of organizations worldwide, has itself been simplified, then refined and extended to include the innovative AgileOPPM(TM).

This Second Edition will include new material and updates including an introduction of the ground-breaking AgileOPPM(TM) and an overview of MyOPPM(TM) template builder, available on-line Includes references throughout the book to the affiliated sections in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK(R)) Shows templates for the Project Management Office (PMO) This new and updated Second Edition will help you master the one-page approach to both traditional project management and Agile project management.

(PMBOK is a registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.)

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The New One-Page Project Manager: Communicate and Manage Any Project with a Single Sheet of Paper.pdf

The New One-Page Project Manager: Communicate and Manage Any Project with a Single Sheet of Paper

Authors: Clark A. Campbell, Mick Campbell

ISBN: 1118378377

ISBN 13: 9781118378373

Publication Date: December 17, 2012

Publisher: Wiley

Pages: 234

Format: Paperback

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