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Just like that, he was gone.

Amanda Taylor knows that young love doesn’t always have a happy ending. One summer in her teens, she met and fell for Mathis Côté. Every moment they spent together was an exhilarating and beautiful dream. Love never felt so real. But as the summer ended, so did their time together. Mathis left with no explanation or reason and never spoke to her again.

Now, many years later, she’s grown past their brief time together, certain that she will never see Mathis again. However, when Amanda’s uncle dies, she is left an inheritance with a catch: Mathis Côté must be the one who trains her to take over her uncle’s wealth.

The new Mathis has become cold and distant. His years apart from Amanda have changed him into an arrogant and wealthy man with an endless stream of women fighting for his attention.

Even though Amanda has contained her feelings from the past, she can’t help but try to find out about the man Mathis has become. As she slowly unravels the mystery behind his past, she uncovers a secret that may put both of their lives in danger.

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Author: E. Harper

Publication Date: January 19, 2014

Pages: 88

Format: Kindle Edition

3.10 of 178

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