The Delta

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     In the twenty-fifth century, spiders are lords of the earth. Humans live as their slaves (or food) or as servants to the spiders' allies, the beetles. Challenging the spiders' deadly rule are a young man named Niall and his allies.      In the first volume, Spider World: The Tower, Niall forced the seemingly invincible Spider Lord to an uneasy standoff.
     In this volume, Niall leads an expedition to the mysterious and deadly Delta, the purported source of the Spider Lord's powers. To read their destination the insurgents must brave stormy seas, transverse treacherous beaches, and escape the jaws of flesh-eating trees and other dangers of a sinister jungle.
     Spider World: The Delta chronicles Niall's epic struggle to free humanity from domination.

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The Delta

Author: Colin Wilson

ISBN: 1571742735

ISBN 13: 9781571742735

Publication Date: September 28, 2001

Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company

Format: Hardcover

3.91 of 205

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